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Corso di alta formazione specialistica

Advanced Specialised Training Course on "The protection of fundamental rights in the European judicial area" - III edition

On 14 February 2020, the Advanced Specialised Training Course on "The protection of fundamental rights in the European judicial area" -III will be launched. 
The course is free of charge and will be held at the University of Salerno. The lectures, seminars and events are directed to: lawyers and trainee lawyers, judges, graduates and specialists of the legal professions, PhDs and PhD candidates as well as other legal practitioners.
Course participants also benefit from the educational-scientific activities carried out by the Observatory on the European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice.
The methodology is based on an advanced teaching approach that builds on a necessary theoretical framework and then favours the practical-application aspects of the discipline in both substantive and procedural terms. Particular attention will be paid to the reasoned examination of the relevant case law (European Court of Human Rights, EU Court of Justice and Tribunal, Constitutional Court, Court of Cassation as well as decisions of lower courts) and to the in-depth analysis of case studies, through group work, as well as exercises and practical simulations (on the drafting techniques of appeals). In addition, there will be ample room for collective discussion and to address the questions raised by the participants themselves. The Course uses tools of legal IT and participants will receive updated and selected dossiers and teaching materials. 
For each day of participation, a number of lawyers' training credits will be issued equal to the number of hours attended.

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