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SLSG - L' osservatorio

Observatory on the European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice - Legal Laboratory

The Observatory on the European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice is based at the Department of  Legal Sciences (School of  Law) .
The Observatory is a network of academics, representatives of legal professions, judicial institutions and diplomacy, experts in the field of European Union law in the light of its application outcomes within the Italian legal system. The synergy between its members (having different tecnichal-practical skills and experiences) serves to a territory that reflects limitations and asymmetries in the complete realization of the area of freedom, security and justice.

  • Research laboratory: these activities move in line with the provision of article 67 TFEU which provides that the Union "shall constitute an area of freedom, security and justice with respect for fundamental rights and the different legal systems and traditions of the Member States".

They  focus on some of the European Area of freedom, security and justice's volet, specially:
- judicial cooperation in civil matters having cross-border implications
- police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters.

There are further analysis in the field of  "embronyal" administrative cooperation as well as of internal border controls on persons and of common policy on asylum, immigration and external border control.
The European Area of freedom, security and justice, in its legislative and jurisprudential developments, as a core of the European integration process, can be compared to other non-European "areas" of integration in order to identify cross-fertilization cases.
The exploration of these themes has found a wider space for discussion with the creation of the online journal "Freedom, Security & Justice: European Legal Studies" (Editoriale Scientifica) and the related Book Series.

  • Didactic Laboratory: these activities mainly include the organization of cultural initiatives (conferences, seminars, workshops) dedicated to students at various levels (I, II, III) and, in particular to Ph.D students in "European Area of freedom, security and justice and cooperation in criminal matters", autonomous sector of "Legal Sciences" Ph.D research (Curriculum of International, European, and Comparative Law).

The Observatory  contributes to the internationalization of research and teaching by developing existing partnerships or creating further through collaboration with both European and non-European research institutes and universities.
Activation of the Observatory benefits from the experiences gained in the post lauream training in five editions, starting in 2006, of the Course on "EU Law applied" and in "European Law and the Italian legal system" (directed by Prof. Angela Di Stasi) wich developed new forms of specialized education and training for legal practioners (judges, lawyers, public authority employees, etc...).

  • Third Mission: the Observatory promotes creation of scientific and didactic collaboration, such as those with the Court of Appello of Salerno (in the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding of 6 March 2014) and those with the Superior School for Magistracy and the Bar Association.

Since 1 September 2017, the Observatory has been supporting educational, scientific and dissemination activities of the Jean Monnet Chair “Judicial Protection of Fundamental Rights in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice” (European Commission)